TeachTI January: TeachTI November reschedule! Dealing with stress and anxiety (in and out of the classroom)

Happy new year teachers! Hopefully you all had time to relax and recover during Christmas time!

I have decided to add a regular part to each meeting, most probably at the beginning, which will be: “lesson plans: FAQ and advice”. Everyone will have the chance to ask for advice and suggestion on how to plan a lesson they are struggling with, on unusual topics or chapters in their coursebooks.
For this part, bring any kind of material on which you’d like to ask for advice!

After that, on our first TeachTI of 2020 we will be revisiting the schedule of TeachTI November – which had been cancelled due to flu spread!

Our main objective will be answering the question:

“how do you deal with teaching-related stress and anxiety?”

Do you have a particular routine you follow before entering your classroom? Do you have your own ritual at the end of your teaching day to help you leave everything that’s teaching-related out of your home?
Is it ever possible to stop “being teachers” or thinking about our job / students?

Other topics for our January TeachTI are related to the main question and will be:

Handle with care: sensitive topics in the classroom
hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil? Once upon a time, three wise teachers… 
should / must / can we be available to discuss topics such as politics, religion, racism, LGBT, wars, …? If yes, how and when?

Remember, as discussed during TeachTI December, part of every meeting will be dedicated to introducing new members and sharing useful links related to the topics of present or past TeachTIs.

During the evening we’ll be sharing feedback on the ETAS 36th annual conference and AGM, which I will attend on Saturday, January 18th in Zug.

Join us and share your experience, doubts, suggestions, fears, anything you feel the need to speak about.

We’ll meet on Friday January 24th 2020 from 6:30 at Ristorante La Tavernetta in Agno!

No attendance fee, you will pay only what you order at the restaurant (drinks and / or food)!

For our January TeachTI, kindly let us know if you will be attending or not: you can use the “Contact us” form, leave a reply below, or contact Flavia Mattei directly.

You can also register on the Facebook Event page by clicking here!

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