TeachTI December: rewards and struggles of being an English teacher

For our last TeachTI of 2019 our main question will be:

“How do you keep your language level as an ESL teacher?”

Teaching at all levels, especially at starter and beginner, means adapting our vocabulary, our speaking pace, our reading choices (even our body language!) to our audience.

This can result in partly sacrificing our own language proficiency, and we end up working twice as much, splitting up our minds into preparing the perfect lesson for our students, carefully matching the needs of both students and institutions, and finding ways to avoid frustration setting in.

Join us and share your experience, suggestions, doubts, anything you feel the need to open up about!

Our aim for this evening will be finishing the year with positive notes: be grateful and proud of being an English teacher!

Personally, I always find myself being dead tired at this time of the year, but also extremely happy of having chosen this job: it can be exhausting, but I honestly don’t think there’s a job as rewarding as this one can be!

I hope to see you all there, join me on Friday December 13th 2019 at Ristorante Hostaria San Marco in Agno for a festive TeachTI!

Part of every meeting will be dedicated to introducing new members and sharing useful links related to the topics of present or past TeachTIs.

As I will attend ETAS Annual Conference and AGM in Zug in January 2020, we will dedicate a part of the evening to the program of that day.

No attendance fee, you will pay only what you order at the restaurant (drinks and / or food)!

For our December TeachTI, kindly let us know if you will be attending or not: you can use the “Contact us” form, leave a reply below, or contact Flavia Mattei directly.
You can also register on the Facebook Event page by clicking here!

You can easily arrive to the restaurant in Agno by FLP (from Lugano or Ponte Tresa, get off in Agno, the restaurant is just outside the little station), or by car – there’s plenty of parking, free of charge from 7 pm on (Piazzale San Provino).

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