TeachTI February: classroom management (part 1)

Second TeachTI in 2020! For our February meeting, here are the topics we’ll discuss together:

Classroom management: when is technology too much (for both teachers and students)?

Teacher qualification awareness: do you feel the need for more acknowledgement? How does this impact your career? (issues with teachers’ directories in Ticino and Switzerland)

Regular parts at the beginning of each meeting will be the following:

“lesson plans: FAQ and advice”

“welcoming new members”

“useful links related to the topics of present or past TeachTIs”

Join us and share your experience, doubts, suggestions, fears, anything you feel the need to speak about.

Join us on Friday the 6th of March 2020 from 6:30 at Ristorante Hostaria San Marco in Agno!

No attendance fee, you will pay only what you order at the restaurant (drinks and / or food)!

For our February TeachTI, kindly let us know if you will be attending or not: you can use the “Contact us” form, leave a reply below, or contact Flavia Mattei directly.

You can register on the Facebook event page as well by clicking here!

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